Company in Canada (LP)

Company registration in Canada
Canada is firmly entrenched in the top five countries with the most favourable climate for doing business. The simplicity and consistency of the adopted laws, the government's interest in attracting experienced foreign businessmen led to the formation of a stable economy and a high level of infrastructure.
Given the fact that Canada has not joined the Hague Convention, it is necessary to legalize the package of documents with the help of the Vienna Convention (through the consulate) and at least for the bank where you will open an account for the company.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. Tax-free regime for non-residents operating outside of Canada;
2. No obligations to maintain accounting records, submit tax returns, organize audits;
3. Flexible conditions for the formation and payment of the authorized capital (at the discretion of the owners);
4. No currency control;
5. Right to use the nominee shareholder services;
6. International reputation;
7. Possibility to obtain a residence permit;
8. No residency requirements for shareholders;
9. A developed economy and stable legislation that protects entrepreneurs and creates conditions for effective business development.
10. No corruption and bureaucracy

VAT — 5%;
Capital gains tax — 0 %;
Profit base rate —10 %.

Included in cost
1. Company name check
2. Company registration, including state fees
3. Certificate of incorporation
4. Register of directors and shareholders
5. Share certificate
6. Registered address and the agent
7. Company seal

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 1900
Price starting from the second year from EUR 1700

Company registration