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Company registration in Cyprus
With its favourable tax regime, Cyprus is a gateway to the European Common Market. Company registration in Cyprus is quite simple, but it should be noted that today Cyprus is not an offshore zone in its purest form. In Cyprus, it is mandatory to undergo the state registration procedure, submit financial statements and hold annual meetings of shareholders. Thus, if you are planning to register a company in Cyprus, be prepared to keep its financial statements, or use the services of Crown Consulting to prepare them.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. Cyprus has signed double taxation agreements with 60 countries;
2. Financial statements in Cyprus are submitted in accordance with international standards;
3. Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe;
4. Many categories of expenses can be charged to cost;
5. Very favourable conditions for the development of holdings (no tax on consolidation, the activities of a controlled foreign company are not regulated);
6. No tax on internal and external dividends, on capital gains, on income from the sale of securities;
7. The simplicity of the procedure for registering a company in Cyprus, the low cost of maintaining a company;
8. Registration of a company in Cyprus opens up a free market for trading with European companies (obtaining a VAT number);
9. With the help of Cypriot offshore companies, it is convenient to work with loans;
10. No currency control;
11. If foreign specialists of an offshore company in Cyprus work outside the jurisdiction, they pay income tax ranging from 0 % to 2 %;
12. A non-resident of Cyprus, who is the successor of an inheritance, does not pay tax on it;
13. The possibility of using a nominal service;
14. Losses can be carried forward to subsequent tax periods until they are offset by profits.

VAT — 19 %;
Income tax — 12.5 %;
No inheritance tax, real estate, net assets and payment of municipal services;
Real estate transfer tax up to 8 %;
There is no tax on income from dividends and transactions with securities.

Included in cost
1. Company name check
2. Company registration, including state fees
3. Legal address for 1 year
4. Share certificate
5. Company secretary — an individual — for 1 year
6. Company seal

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 1600
Price starting from the second year from EUR 1500

Company registration