Company in Hong Kong (LTD)

Company registration in Hong Kong
Widely known (not offshore) zone. Registering a company in Hong Kong is the dream of entrepreneurs around the world. This is facilitated by: an extremely simplified procedure that allows you to register a company in Hong Kong and a large number of law firms providing this kind of service. At the same time, specialists have specific knowledge in the field of local (Hong Kong) legislation, which allows them to avoid many mistakes and significantly speed up the process of starting a business.

The sequence of registering a company in Hong Kong follows a clear algorithm of actions. To do this, it is useful to know not so much the laws of Hong Kong, but rather the procedure and the list of documents that you will need to provide to local authorities to open your own business. Sometimes a ready-made company in Hong Kong, which is “dormant” — registered specifically for sale, is more profitable.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. The businessman is given the right to choose the form of ownership of the newly opened company.
*Individual company;
*Commercial partnership.
2. Preferential tax regime;
3. Annual accounting report certified by an auditor;
4. Taxation of Hong Kong companies is based on the source of income;
5. Tax exemption if the company does not do business in Hong Kong;
6. A company with 100 % foreign capital has no restrictions on the use of: loans, dividends, royalties, etc.;
7. After establishing a company in Hong Kong, non-residents are eligible for loans, as there is no currency control.

VAT — 0%;
Income tax — 16.5 %.

Included in cost
1. Checking the company name for uniqueness and compliance with applicable laws of Hong Kong;
2. Collection of documents and, if necessary, their translation;
3. KYC procedure;
4. Preparation of necessary official documents;
5. Submission of documents to the Company Register;
6. Delivery of documents by courier service, namely:
6.1. Certificate of incorporation
6.2. Registration address for 1 year
6.3. Company secretary

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 850
Price starting from the second year from EUR 850

Company registration