Company in Latvia (SIA)

Company registration in Latvia
Latvia is a full member of the European Union, so a Latvian company enjoys all the benefits of a European company and has full access to the EU markets. It should be noted that Latvian legislation is in many respects more liberal than in the rest of Europe, which provides more opportunities for business and, at the same time, the procedure for setting up a company is quite simple, fast and cheap compared to other EU Member States.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. The presence of preferential regimes: if the founder receives dividends from abroad, these incomes are not subject to taxation. If dividends are paid to non-resident legal entities, the source is exempt from tax contributions.
2. The founder has the right to receive a multiple-entry visa, which makes it possible to move freely within the borders of all Schengen countries.
3. If a number of conditions are met, a non-resident can obtain a residence permit in the country.
4. Tax residency certificate, which will allow you to pay contributions to the state treasury at rates corresponding to the rates for citizens of Latvia.

Registration of an offshore company in Latvia is impossible: the country does not belong to an offshore zone. However, the absence of offshore companies in Latvia has its advantages: companies and bodies registered in the territory of the country are not included in the black lists.

VAT — 21 %;
Corporate income tax rates — 20 %;
Individual capital gains tax rate — 20 %.

Included in cost
1. Company name check
2. Company registration
3. Registry fee
4. Legal address for 1 year

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 1500
Price starting from the second year from EUR 700

Company registration