Company in Malta

Company registration in Malta
Favourable conditions for doing business are determined by the prestige and low tax rates of this jurisdiction, therefore such a designation as “offshore Malta” or “offshore zone of Malta” is sometimes used, although this jurisdiction is not a classic offshore. In addition, Malta is widely used for the establishment of international trusts, holdings and shipping companies, as well as for the registration of the gambling business.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. Fast registration procedure (1-2 days);
2. A foreign company in Malta has the same benefits, bonuses, tax planning opportunities as a resident company;
3. Capital and property of the company, as well as dividends transferred abroad, are not taxed;
4. No duty on transfer of shares;
5. It is possible to transfer an existing business to Malta without spending time and additional finances;
6. Excellent quality of banking services, the use of Internet banking.
7. It is beneficial to register a holding, a financial company or ships.
8. Convenient form of business for online casinos.

VAT — 18%;
Income tax:
* 35 % (base rate)
* 3.75 % (under execution of particular resolutions);
Depending on the authorized capital, the annual contribution to the budget is calculated and ranges from EUR 100 (authorized capital — up to EUR 1500) to EUR 1400 (capital — more than EUR 2.5 million);
The shipping company in Malta does not pay income tax, but makes deductions depending on the tonnage of the vessel.

Included in cost
1. Company name check
2. Company registration, including state fees
3. Certificate of incorporation
4. Register of directors and shareholders
5. Share certificate
6. Registered address and the agent
7. Company seal

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 2900
Price starting from the second year from EUR 2200

Company registration