Online casino license in Curacao

Currently, the online casino license in Curacao is one of the most popular. The practice has shown that obtaining this license allows for a relatively easy entry into the online gambling business, which will make it possible to enter other markets that require more work input in the future, when you already have a stable cash flow. The activity of online casinos was legalised in Curacao back in 1993. The advantages include a developed infrastructure and communication system, no need to pay the share capital, and also no division of gambling business into separate categories. The license covers all lines of business: casino, betting shop, baccarat, poker, bingo, etc.


The benefits described above are accompanied by:
– simple, fast and affordable license obtaining procedure;
– relatively low cost, especially in comparison with European jurisdictions;
– loyal requirements of the licensing authority;
– low income tax rate;
– obtaining the status of a licensed gambling company.


Main aspects of the licence
In accordance with the Curacao’s special online casino law, a license can be obtained in two ways:
directly from the Ministry of Justice of Curacao;
as a sublicense issued by the original holder of the authorisation.
It is the second method that is most popular, as it makes it possible to obtain a license in the shortest possible time.


Crown Consulting specialists will assist in obtaining a license for online casino in Curacao. We will ensure that the whole process is quick and in full compliance with the current legislation of the country.

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