Company in Scotland (LP)

Company registration in Scotland (LP)
Today offshore in Scotland is not only a company abroad, but also a right way to conduct a successful and profitable business. This part of the UK is considered a prestigious area with one of the most loyal tax systems in Europe.

Despite the fact that Scotland, like the UK as a whole, is the owner of a standard taxation system and does not have the status of a classic offshore zone, entrepreneurs, seeking to create an international, profitable and long-term business, find in it that very tax-free haven, turn to existing forms of English companies open offshore in Scotland.

Historically, Scotland was formed as a territory with its own parliament, charters, and legal system. There are many reasons to open a company in offshore Scotland.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. A LP may be managed by a general partner;
2. A LP is not required to file an annual return;
3. Lack of regular audits.
4. The possibility of using a nominee service that allows you to hide the true beneficiary of the company;
5. The ability to register offshore companies in Scotland and manage the company remotely.

VAT — 20%;
Tax rate for LP business — 0 %. (if the founder of the company is not a resident of the UK).

Included in cost
1. Company name check
2. Company registration
3. Certificate of incorporation
4. Register of directors and shareholders
5. Share certificate
6. Registered address and the agent

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 950
Price starting from the second year from EUR 750

Company registration