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Company registration in UAE
The UAE is a major business and financial centre, which has created favourable conditions for business development, including for citizens of other countries. Registration of a company in the UAE is necessary to expand the client's business in the Asian continent and successfully interact with the countries of the Persian Gulf. Companies that do not operate in the territory of the state are exempt from taxes. Registration of a company in the UAE implies complete confidentiality. There is no currency control here.
Crown Consulting specialists will help you quickly open both the very low-tax company in the UAE and an account in one of the local banks.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. The UAE dirham is pegged to the US dollar;
2. 100 % business ownership;
3. 100 % repatriation of capital and profits;
4. No income tax for legal entities and individuals;
5. No auto exchange of information when obtaining a resident visa;
6. Five types of activities in one licence;
7. The licence is issued within 1-2 days.

Banks in the Emirates open accounts only if the owner of the company has a resident visa. The cost of obtaining a resident visa for 3 years — USD 4500. The term of receipt — 5 days.
A significant advantage is that the Emirates do not provide information outside the country, there is no auto exchange (CIC) for companies and bank accounts of persons who have received a resident visa (residence permit).

VAT — 5 %;
Corporate income tax rates — 0 %;
The capital gains tax rate — 0 %.

Included in cost
1. Company registration, including payment of all state fees;
2. Company documents:
2.1. Company certificate of incorporation;
2.2. Business Licence — with the name of the company, types of activities, date of formation and date of termination of activities;
2.3. Trade register — with full information about the owners, shareholders, managers and place of registration;
2.4. Company establishment agreement;
2.5. Articles of Association;
2.6. Share certificate;
2.7. Lease agreement for 1 year (a real office space = substance);
2.8. Trade Chamber certificate;
2.9. Excerpt from the Trade Register;
2.10. Certificate of actual existence of the company.
3. Delivery of documents by courier service.

Price for registration Company price: from EUR 19 000
Price starting from the second year: from EUR 7500

Company registration