Company in UK (LP)

Company registration in the United Kingdom
The high stability of the UK economy, with banking, insurance and business services accounting for the bulk of its gross domestic product (GDP), conservatism, as well as a guarantee of the safety of investments, attract many investors who want to open a company in the UK to do business and use double taxation avoidance mechanisms.
There is no classic low-tax zone in the UK, however, under certain conditions, companies can receive tax allowances. Crown Consulting specialists will help you quickly open both the company itself in the UK and an account in one of the local banks or payment systems.

Peculiarities of the jurisdiction
1. Prestige of the country, high business reputation in the international market;
2. 100 % business ownership;
3. Stability of the banking system;
4. No capital gains tax;
5. Tax allowances;
6. Protecting the interests of shareholders (responsibility is limited to the amount of the unpaid part of their contributions (shares);
7. Affordable cost of registration and maintenance;

VAT — 20%;
Corporate income tax rates — 19%;
The capital gains tax rate — 0 %.

Included in cost
1. Company registration, including payment of all state fees;
2. Company documents:
2.1. Certificate of incorporation
2.2. Memorandum of Association
2.3. Articles of Association
2.4. Minutes of the Meeting of Subscribers
2.5. Minutes of Meeting of Directors
2.6. Share Certificates
3. Delivery of documents by courier service.

Price for registration
Company price: from EUR 1300
Price starting from the second year: from EUR 1250

Company registration